Winorder POS system Interface for your online shop

Order transmission straight to your Winorder POS system

Winorder is the "most useful-POS system" for delivery services. If you are already using Winorder in your business, our shop backend gives you the option to export all orders in a Winorder compatible format which can directly be imported into Winorder.

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In order to optimize the work process in your store, we suggest using Winorder in your delivery business. In our opinion, this POS software is an unmatched professional solution for all home delivery services, pizza deliverers and restaurants. A 30 day demo can be downloaded from Winorder and carefully tested. In addition to being an ordering system for delivery services, Winorder is also a complete POS system including table management.

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Winorder POS System

Winorder POS system

Automatically forward incoming order to the Windows POS system and save yourself from the redundant act copying of the order into your Cash system. Winorder takes care of everything, products, delivery information, customer informations, comments and more..