Webshop for Pizzerias and Delivery Services

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We pay great attention to how we design your shop system. At the same time we always keep your shop system's usability in mind.

We usually design the shop systems in accordance with the customer's current flyer because of the recognition value. However, if you have other ideas or something else in mind you're welcome to let us know. Below you will find some examples of how your shop system could look.

Webshop for Pizzerias and Delivery Services

You're able to easily redesign your shop by yourself using the backend

We will deliver a completely designed shop system according to your imagination. However, you have the ability of redesigning your ordering system by yourself by using the backend. You can change colors, background images, logos, etc. This can be advantageous if for example you'd like to change the look of your shop during christmas season.

Android and IOS Shop System

Feel free to order our iPhone and Android apps along with our Shop System!

Experience tells us that pizzerias and other delivery services operate with a slim profit margin due to the many expenses such as bakers, drivers, gas, etc. adding up and leaving only a fraction of profit per order. Many web shop providers ask a commission from their customers.

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Design Examples of our Online Shop

Here are some Design Examples. Please keep in mind that we design each shop uniquely. You are welcome to choose one of the following templates as a base which we will then customize for you. You may click on the template to see a larger view.

Monitor Shop System Pizza Switzerland Monitor Pizzashop Venecia Monitor Pizzashop Berlin Template
Monitor Template Panini Monitor Template BBQ Burgers Monitor Template India Deliveryservice
Monitor Template New York Pizza Monitor Template Pizza Delivery Monitor Pizzashop Collogne