More revenue for your online shop

Improve your shop system using the image slider module

2 new image sliders can be used on any product page as many times as desired. Upload your own photos or images to make your shop come alive. Further, you may use the overlay effect to add a title and/or short text to each picture.

Price Inquiry Contact

Photo Galleries and Scrolling Texts

In each online shop space for important content is rare. Use our slide show and crawl-text module to keep your customers informed about special offers, menus, events and more.

Brands and Icons

Photo Gallery jQuery

Image Slider and Crawl-Texts

Such as is the case with almost every area of the administration page, you can edit image sliders and crawl-texts using the drag and drop method. Both may be limited to certain platforms. For example, the mobile shop may be assigned a different image slider than the webshop itself. You are free to enrich your store any way you like.