Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Online Shop

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our pizza online shop. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or by using our contact form to write us. Our team usually answers inquiries within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I don't sell pizza. Can I still use your online shop?

Yes. Our ordering system is suitable for all types of delivery services (such as for example Asia Taxi, beverage suppliers, sushi deliverers, salad taxis and many more..) .

I submitted an online inquiry but haven't yet received an answer from you.

On business days we answer most online inquiries within 24 hours. Unfortunately sometimes (usually the case with gmx and our mails end up in your spam folder. Please check it once again and consider contacting us by phone if you don't receive an answer within 24 hours.

Shop Configuration and Setup

How long does it take for my shop to go live?

Your online shop system will be completed and installed within 4-7 days of placing the order and submitting all necessary documents (menu and conditions of delivery).

Do I need any programming skills to manage my shop?

No. You make all necessary adjustments and settings using the administration website of your shop.

Do I have to enter my menu myself?

No. All products are added by us after the contract is agreed upon. You will instantly receive a utilisable online shop. You may at any time make changes to the menu or add new items using the administration website.

Which information do you need from me to set up the shop system?

We need the following information: Menu, Logo file (if available), Details regarding business hours and delivery hours, delivery locations, conditions of delivery. The latter data is usually found on the menu.

Can I be part of the initial creation of my shop system?

Of course. You are welcome to submit a design suggestion along with your order. Otherwise we will design your shop system according to the design of your current flyer.

Can I change the design of my shop later on?

Yes. You may change the look of your website anytime right from your browser by simply using the administration area of your shop. Knowledge of CSS is useful when making substantial changes.

Where will my shop system be installed?

If you're purchasing a license instead of renting a shop, the shop system will be installed on your own vServer or hosting package.

Which requirements does my hosting package or webserver have to meet?

For performance reasons we suggest renting a Linux vServer with Plesk (version 11 and higher). Your hosting package should support PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5. We will make all initial adjustments and settings on your vServer for you.

Do you recommend a particular web-hosting provider?

Yes and no. We have made good experiences with many big web-hosting providers such as Strato, 1and1, Hosteurope or server4you. In each case the lowest priced package is fully compatible with our shop system:
1. Strato vServer
2. Hosteurope vServer
3. 1and1 vServer
4. server4You vServer
We recommend that our customers rent a vServer in their own respective country as a shorter distance to the server will have a positive effect on SEO and speed.

Can you assist us with renting a hosting package or server and a suitable domain?

Of course. We will be happy to take care of renting and setting up your vServer for you - free of charge.

Apps and Modules

Do you offer apps for iPhone and Android?

Yes. Your customers can download the app from the Appstore / Google Play store depending on their platform.

How do I manage my apps?

Managing the apps takes place centrally in the administration area of your shop system. Adding content a second time is not necessary. Find out more about centralized management in our apps section.

Is there an alternative to using apps?

In addition to iPhone and Android apps which your customers may download from the Appstore or Google Play store depending on their platform, we also offer a mobile HTML5 web app. The iPhone allows saving the shop opened in the browser as a webapp with its own icon on the home screen. Visit our demoshop using your smartphone

What's the difference between the HTML5 and the iPhone and Android apps?

There are only minor differences in terms of functionality. While the iPhone and Android apps can be downloaded from the official appstores, the webapp must be visited via the browser. When your customer opens your shop with their smartphone, our shop system recognizes the platform and displays your shop using the optimal resolution for the user's device.

Can the HTML5 app be installed on the smartphone, too?

The iPhone allows saving the shop opened in the browser as a webapp with its own icon on the home screen. When the customer first enters the shop, our app lets them know about this in a pop up.

Can I buy and use apps without purchasing the web shop?

No. The apps are tied in with the shop system. Meaning: The products offered in the apps are imported by the web shop so that your work in the administrative area is minimized.
Thus purchasing or renting the web shop is a requirement for operating apps.

Technical Questions regarding the Shop System

Is the shop system based on a finished open source CMS?

No. Pizza-Onlineshop is a shop system completely developed from scratch by us. This guarantees a fast and secure, search engine optimized shop system.

Is there a limit regarding how many products I may offer?

Of course not! The number of products is not limited.

May I add daily offers (for example Pizza day)?


May I also offer lunch specials?

Yes. The software allows for terminability of special offers. When making special offers you have the choice of fixed price, percentual discount(e.g. 15%) or fixed discount (e.g. 1.00€).

How do I receive incoming orders?

You can receive incoming orders via e-mail free of charge. As long as you're using Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird you can set these programs to notify you by playing a tone, as well as to print incoming orders automatically. Furthermore, you may use our free windows software. A tablet may also be configured to receive orders. You may also request to receive order via fax. If you have purchased the Winorder module you can accept and process orders directly in Winorder. This completely eliminates the need to enter your orders into your POS system manually.

Can I change the method of order transmission from my shop administration page?

Yes. You may change the method of transmission from within the administration area of your shop any time.

Who else can access my data?

Nobody. After installing the shop system on your server you can change all passwords so nobody else can access the administration area.

Can I close my shop temporarily?

Yes. You can simply login to your shop's administration page and click one button to do so. You may also configure holidays in your shop system so that your shop will be closed on those days and customers receive an individual message on the shop page.

Can I add dishes from my menu to my special offers?

Yes. Simply mark an existing item as special offer to do so. You may even choose to have this special offer displayed on your shop's home page.

Can I export my customer information?

Yes. You can export all data of registered users from within your shop's administration area. Information about customers who agreed to receive advertising e-mails from you while placing an order can also conveniently be exported by clicking the appropriate button. The export format is always CSV.

Can I assign sides to products?

Yes. Every product can be assigned 2 ingredient or extra ingredient groups. You may also choose to mark the sides as mandatory. This saves the extra call from a customer who forgot to choose their salad dressing.

Can I set different minimum order amount for different zip codes?

Yes. Adjusting or expanding the zip codes and cities can easily be done via your shop's administration area at any time.

Can I calculate driving expenses?

Yes. Driving expenses can even be configured differently for each zip code group.

Do my customers have to register to place an order?

No. Registration is not mandatory to place an order using your shop system.

E-Payment | Paypal and more.

Which online payment methods are supported by your shop system?

Our shop system supports - provided that all appropriate modules have been purchased - the following online payment methods: paypal, amazon-payment and Paypal even allows your clients to pay without a paypal account using a debit or credit card.

How and when do I receive my money from online payments?

Incoming payments via paypal go straight to your paypal account. You may transfer your paypal balance to your bank any time. Online payments from are transferred to your bank account immediately.

Can I offer my customers payment via credit card as well?

Yes. Credit card users can pay online via credit card via your online shop's paypal module, even without a paypal account.

How do I configure Paypal and Sofort as payment method?

Configuring these modules is very simple and involves just one text field. For paypal all you need is the e-mail adress you use for paypal and for you need the appropriate config ID.

Can I offer mobile payment devices (EC or KK with driver) in my shop system?

If you have mobile card payment terminals you may configure this in your shop's administration area. When an order comes in you can see the customer's requested payment method and give your delivery driver a mobile card payment terminal to take with them.

Can my customers also pay via Amazon-Payment?

No. We are currently working on implementation of this payment method.

Optional Functions

Is there a coupon function?

If you have purchased the coupon module you may add a Code at any time to offer a product at a discount or even for free. You may for example use this code to run an ad on facebook or print it on your flyer.

I use Winorder. Is it possible to forward all incoming order directly to Winorder?

Yes. You may configure this option in your shop's administration area. We are happy to assist with configuring Winorder. Further information regarding Winorder integration can be found at Winorder

Which version of Winorder do I need?

In order to receive online orders you need the professional version of Winorder.

Can customers rate their orders?

If you have purchased the feedback module your customer will receive a link for reviewing the order in their order confirmation e-mail. You will receive the customer's feedback together with the order for proper filing via e-mail.

Will my online shop appear in search engines?

The shop is search engine optimized. Every shop has an automatically generated sitemap you may submit to search engines. We configure the information required by search engines in your shop and you can adjust and expand them yourself on the appropriate page of your administration area. Per your request we can provide additional services for search engine optimization. These additional services include setting up google analytics, webmaster tools, google place, etc. for you and registering you with the most common search engines.

Prices and Expenses - Purchase Version

What expenses can I expect?

The basic version of our shop system cost 1600€ fully configured. Please use our contact form to request further information regarding modules and apps or shop individualization. We generally answer all inquiries within 48h.

I operate several franchises. Does each franchise require its own shop system?

We will be happy to configure your shop system to be multi-shop capable. However, the price would likely exceed the purchase of single licenses.

Do I have any operating costs?

Not from our side! If however you choose order transmission via fax you must enter a contract with a fax service provider or purchase credits with them. Usually a fax transmission costs between 3 cents and 9 cents inside Germany. Per your request we can send you a list of providers.

Do you offer financing?

Unfortunately we don't.

Can I add modules, apps and other extension later on?

Yes. You may purchase any module you wish at any later time.

Prices and Expenses - To Rent

How much is the monthly fee for renting a shop system?

The monthly fee for renting a shop system is 29€, 39€, 49€ or 69€ depending on your configuration. These prices include hosting and domain management.

Further information regarding prices can be found at Pizzashop rent fees.

Should I expect any additional expenses?

No. If however you choose order transmission via fax you must enter a contract with a fax service provider or purchase credits with them. Usually a fax transmission costs between 3 cents and 14 cents inside Germany. Per your request we can send you a list of providers. E-mail transmission and our Windows software for receiving incoming orders is free.

What's the minimum contract term?

If you rent a shop with us, the minimum contract term is 3 months and can be cancelled at the end of each annual quarter. An e-mail or phone call are sufficient to cancel.

Is there a setup fee for the rented shop?

There is a one-time setup fee of 500,- € for the rent shop.

Why do we charge a setup fee for the rent shop?

We custom-design the shop's look according to your wishes. We add all products, configure search engine optimization, setup all required conditions of delivery (e.g. delivery fees, delivery area etc.) . You will receive an immediately utilisable online shop within one week.

Can I up or downgrade my rent contract?

Upgrading your shop is possible at any time. Downgrades are possible at the end of each annual quarter.