Webshop for Pizzerias and Delivery Services

WEB 2.0 SHOP SYSTEM and Online Shop for Pizzerias, Pizza Taxis, Restaurants and Delivery Services

Decide to purchase your own shop system for your pizza-taxi business or delivery service which you can easily manage by yourself using your internet browser.

Android and IOS Shop System

Feel free to order our iPhone and Android apps along with our Shop System!

Experience tells us that pizzerias and other delivery services operate with a slim profit margin due to the many expenses such as bakers, drivers, gas, etc. adding up and leaving only a fraction of profit per order. Many web shop providers ask a commission from their customers.

Shop System for Pizzerias with no share of the turnover

Manage your own online shop without having to share your turnover!

Experience tells us that pizzerias and other delivery services operate with a slim profit margin due to the many expenses such as bakers, drivers, gas, etc. adding up and leaving only a fraction of profit per order. Many web shop providers ask a commission from their customers, sometimes 10% and more. Not us. We offer you your own shop system so you can profit solely for your own business.

Manage Pizza Shop Statistics

Monitor and rate your income using the integrated statistics tool!

You receive complete control of your online orders where you can for example sort by zip code and receive evaluated results. Use our shop system's evaluation for target audience specific promotions.

Easy Shop Administration

Easy administration of your shop system!

Our one of a kind shop administration panel is suitable for beginners and avanced users. You don't have to be a programmer to manage your shop system. All necessary settings are neatly categorized. Better yet, almost all interaction is done via drag&drop.

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The online shop for gastronomy

Pizza Onlineshop is an online ordering system free of sales commission for any type of delivery service such as pizza taxi, pizza courier, pizza services, China or Asia delivery services, beverage suppliers etc. This page will provide you with sufficient information regarding our ordering system. In case of further questions you can reach us via phone or by submitting an inquiry using our contact form.

Mobile Online Shop App

0% share of the turnover


Our model does not intend to earn commission of your sales such as other shop providers. Your turnover is 100% yours. You simply buy a well-developed shop system optimized for your delivery service from us.

Increase in turnover


Increase your turnover thanks to our fast and SEO optimized shop system all while offering your customers an uncomplicated and secure ordering experience.

Everything is under control


Configure all your shop system's settings yourself. This will save you money and unnecessary downtime as you're not dependent of another company. All changes you make take effect immediately.

Shop Administration at its best!

95% of our customers manage their shops themselves. Thus the realization of a simple administration free of compromises was one of the most important aspects in developing our shop system. We constantly kept in mind that pizzeria owners must not be overburdened with management of their shops. The result was a unique and user-friendly administration panel. The purchase price also includes a 1.5h online training.

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What customers are saying:

"I've been using the shop system for 3 years now and I like the flexibility and independence."

After thorough research we have decided to go with the shop system, because it looked the best in terms of design.

The fast implementation in under a week was one of the most important aspects that made us decide to go with this shop system.

Online shop administration

Easy administration free of compromises

Create new pages, products, sides or statistics at any time. Our shop administration panel's layout is very user-friendly. You don't need to navigate through 4 different subpages to adjust a products price etc. All necessary information is quickly available and has been color coded to simplify navigation.

Also, the "Drag & Drop ability" further simplifies operating your shop system.

Become creative

Become creative and flexible in order to make your shop come alive. For example: You can spontaneously create new products, menus or special offers and place them anywhere you like. One possibility would be offering alternating daily menus on your start page.

This requires minimal efforts and your customers will appreciate it.

Clearly laid out administration



Customers appreciate our administration page's user-friendliness and freedom of administration. You will be able to operate your shop system yourself after a very short learning phase.

Easy to use


During development we paid much attention to making sure that pizzeria owners will be able to manage the shop. Our experience has shown that our customers even think it's fun to manage their own shop.



You manage all available platforms such as web shop, iPhone app, Android app, Facebook app und HTML5 app using one central shop administration panel. No additional work, no additional expenses!

Online Shop Highlights

Implementation of your Shop System

We have often heard from our customers that they ordered others with creating an online ordering system and waited a long time (up to 18 months) for it to be completed. Not with us! Your online shop will be completely setup, designed and installed within about 5 days. We do all this while taking into consideration your design wishes and other wishes.

Pre-Installation &
Initial Setup

Adding the menu

Shop Design &

Approval & Corrections

Installation &